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Webring of webbies: please let me know if you want to join my webring. So far it's just me :-(
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Is it just me, or is marquee very slow? Why didn't browser makers optimize it? It's not like it's very new. There's also some sort of bug in Firefox when you resize the browser. This thing seriously needs some work. animation of a happy dancing pizza

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Thanks to the wonderful suggestions of: Thijs Reijgersberg ("I think you might need an epilepsy warning ;)"), Stephanie Nemeth ("needs more stuff" & "i miss guestbooks"), Rik Schennink ("MORE PIZZAZZ!"), David van Gelder de Neufville ("where is the starry background"), Alexandra Leisse ("I think the background could use some more pop"), Tim Messerschmidt ("It needs a visitor counter!"), Flaki ("was disappointed to find zero <blink> tags in the source :>"), Wilfred Nas ("ik mis een ‘gastenboek’") & William Sharkey ("border 6% groove salmon da body") flag of the netherlands